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Boating at Gibbons Creek Reservoir

Can’t wait to get out on the water? Gibbons Creek Reservoir features a public, 5-lane boat ramp for easy and convenient access to the lake. We ask that all watercraft operators adhere to the regulations below to ensure a fun and safe experience for everyone on the lake


a. A motorboat operating on Gibbons Creek Reservoir must have an exhaust water manifold or original equipment type muffler installed on the engine.
b. Watercraft on Gibbons Creek Reservoir must be equipped and operated in accordance with applicable provisions of the Texas Water Safety Act and all water safety rules and regulations adopted by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.
c. In addition to any reporting requirement required under applicable Texas laws and regulations, the operator of any watercraft involved in an accident on Gibbons Creek Reservoir shall immediately report the accident to a Park Attendant. The Park Attendant shall report the accident to the General Manager and a Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Game Warden or other law enforcement official.
d. No person may operate a motorboat on Gibbons Creek Reservoir at a speed greater than the minimum speed necessary to maintain steerage and headway within 50 feet of swimmers, structures, restricted areas or the shoreline.
g. No person may operate a motorboat faster than 20 miles per hour at night on Gibbons Creek Reservoir.
h. All watercraft shall observe "no wake zone" areas as designated by buoys or other posted signs. Sailboats will be exempted from this subsection.
i. Boaters shall not anchor or tie boats to buoys or power plant facilities.